Friday, November 1, 2019

Wave Report

Below is a simple list of public surfing regions found in SecondLife. Regions come and go, but all of these have been verified as of this posting.

Many sims have either open rezzing, public rezzing areas, or loaner surfboards of one or more types. Some require joining a group to rez. Due to the number of options, especially the type of board rezzers now available, a code for each type is being used.  The legend is provided at the end of the list. In addition, since Maoli waves are used on most beaches these days, the wave type is Maoli unless otherwise noted.

This list is created and maintained by contributions from surfers in SL. If you know of changes or additions for this list, please feel free to contact Kantbe Thursday.

Surfing Sims:Rezzing method codes:

..on the other Side (RO;ln)RA = Rezzing Area
Adventure of Dust (RG;c)RG = Group Rezzing
aloha Beach (RA;cnsX3)RN = No Rezzing
Among The WildFlowers (RG;n)RO = Open Rezzing
Aquila III - Rez Zone! (RA;C2uX3)
Ash Falls - Volcanic Beach (RG)Board rezzing codes:
Avenesse Beach (RN;m)A = Action Rezzer
Baja Cove (RG)C2 - C-TOO children's board
Baja Norte (RG)c= C-3 Rezzer
Bellydance Palace (RN;t)CP= Couples/tandum board Rezzer
Blue Heaven Family Beach (RN;cC2mX3u)f= Flow V-Surf Rezzer
Bluff Cove (RA;cC2flmu)l = LSD Rezzer
Bumrose - Adult Beach (RO;c)m = Maoli Rezzer
Bundy Reef (RA;cC2fhlmsX3;LM)n= NS Rezzer
CALYPSO COVE Rez Area (RG)s= SSi Rezzer
Cannibal Island (RO;h)t= Toad Rezzer
Cape San Blas Beach (RO;hn)TG = TrigiGifts Rezzer
Chained...BDSM Club - surfing beach (RN;lm)v = VSS Rezzer
CHAOS PARADISE (RN; n)X3 = X-3 Rezzer
Chi ~ a portal gateway that awaits (RO,cs)
Cielo (RO;cC2fhluX2)Other:
Cohiba Cay Recreational Area (RO;u)AW = Action Wave
Costa Rica Surf (RO;nv)H = HP Wave
Dreamer's Island (RN:cCPlv)L = LSD Wave
endless sunset (RG;clu;MB)M = Maoli Wave
Evolution (RN;c)MB = Marina Bay Wave
Fantasy Paradise Island & Club (RN;m)S = SSi Wave
FluiD True Designs (RN;t;AW)EW= Maoli flow wave
Friendship Bay (RA;c)MF= Marina Bay flow wave
Fruit Islands (RO;m)
Grand Haven (RA;h;H)
Hawaii Surfer Community (RG;c)
Hemmings Beach and Enchanted forest (RO;m)
HummingBird Point (RG;cC2fhlnuX3)
I (heart) Gestures City (RO;c;MB)
Isla de Amores (RG;cn)
Kanaloa Surf Beach (RG;cC2uX3)
Kona Beach And Surfing (RO;chlm)
Ku'Lani Bisexual Nude Beach (RN;cC2)
Ladies Club & Detroit Rock Club (RO;s;L)
LaZy DaZe (RARG;cC2hls)
Lily Beach (RA;s;S)
Little Havana (RG;c)
LUSH: Island Paradise (RG;cn;MMB) $250 to join
Manakai Reef Break (RO;cX3)
Mauna Lani Beach (RG;cn)
Nadis' Paradise Caye (RG;n)
Naked Harbour ~ Crescent Cove (RG;cX3)
Neverland Kidzz (Main) (RN;n)
Oahu Vacation Resort - Ehukai (RN;n)
Ohana Surf (RA;l)
One Love Beach (RN;flhnsX3)
Pacific West (RN;n)
Peace Surf & Sail Beach (RO;cC2)
Playa Islands Monkey Beach (RN;c)
Raglan Shire Space Station (RO;;AW)
Scorpion's Retreat (RN;n)
Secret Beach (RA;ch)
Serenity's Haven (RG;c)
Sky Island (RN;clmX3)
Sleepy Bay (RO;n)
Snug Harbor (RG;m)
Su Casa Naturist (RO;s;HS)
Surfer's Eden (RO;cX3))
Surfers Bay VIP - Landing (RG;chflsX3u)
Surfing SLSA (RG;chlsX3)
Surfside Hideaway (RA;c;S)
T'ai Surfing (RA;cfhlms;LMMB)
Tanivo Beach (RA;cls)
Teahupo'o (RO;chmnX3)
The Beach - House (RA;cC2X3)
TiKi TATTOO --- Surf Spot Area ---- (RA)
Villa Delacroix (RA;c)
Wet Spot Beach Club Surfing & Shopping Mall (RO)
Women Only, A Womans Touch (RG;c)